Your body takes you where your mind decides to go.

Amazing landscapes will fill you with emotion, you will overcome obstacles and unforeseen events, you will reach unexpected destinations thanks to your spirit of adventure and to Garmont, a reliable travelling companion.

Which is your next destination? A snowy mountain peak? A walk among the warm colours of a wood in autumn? An adventurous climb up a rock face? Rivers, streams, green plains or rough tracks?

Whatever it is, take us with you!

Share the excitement of your anticipated adventures with the rest of the world! Take a photo of your Garmont product in your preferred context (a landscape in the background, or a detail) and post it in the Send Us Your Photo section or on your social media pages with the hashtag #StayWild!

Here you can see the best photos taken by nature lovers to inspire you for your next adventures.

We can’t wait to see your snaps!

Don’t rein in your imagination: travel, explore, be amazed on the routes you take and for all the goals you’ll achieve.

Garmont will follow you wherever you want, show us how far you can go!

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