Tell us about your “Stay Wild” summer with Garmont!

Summer is coming to a close, with the mountains having offered up hikes, climbs, Nordic walking and many other activities so that we could recharge our batteries and see wonderful places.

Where did you go? Which Garmont shoes went along with you?

Tell us about your “Stay Wild” summer with Garmont!At Garmont, we are curious to see the wonderful places that you discovered, which is why we have the “Send Us Your Photos” section on our blog. This is a space we have created for you so that you can share your travel photos and stories, telling about the beauty of the places you’ve seen, the equipment you used and even the most challenging paths taken on and conquered with a great sense of satisfaction.

What we’d like to do is to be able to create a new space on the blog dedicated to you, gathering together all of your photos and stories so that they can be shared with all of the visitors to our site. A new way to keep travelling, seeing the places visited by other adventurers, reliving their travels and discovering new experiences and destinations or perhaps even being surprised to see that someone else has travelled the same paths.

Tell us about your “Stay Wild” summer with Garmont!A section of the blog that will help you choose the right Garmont hiking shoes to meet your needs based on the different types of excursions you’d like to take. Shoes with high or low tops? Urban style with the Tikal model or more technical, perhaps like the new Toubkal? Each shoe is different and will help you take on a run, a hiking trail or any other leisure activity.

What awaits you are suggestions and new destinations to visit during your next holidays or on the weekends, captured by the eyes of enthusiasts much like you, experienced on solid footing.

Would you like to participate in this project? Then visit the “Send Us Your Photos” page and tell us about your experiences, uploading your photos, a brief description of what you saw, the Garmont products used, and the adventures you’ve had!

We hope to hear about all of your stories, allowing us to get swept up in your travels, experiencing Garmont’s #StayWild philosophy along with you!

Tell us about your “Stay Wild” summer with Garmont!



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Garmont - Tell us about your “Stay Wild” summer with Garmont!
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