Garmont and Gruppo d'Archi Veneto: a whole different music

What does a company like Garmont, market leader in outdoor footwear, and the orchestra Gruppo d'Archi Veneto have in common? In addition to their geographical origin - both companies are from the Treviso area – the two also share common values.

Garmont is actively involved with the Global Conservation Corps, a non-profit organization operating in South Africa committed to tackling the poaching crisis to save endangered species such as the rhino by empowering rangers, conservationists and local communities to defend and benefit from their national heritage.

"The risk of losing an important part of African fauna in the next few years is real. This loss of biodiversity affects us all; we cannot remain indifferent.  This is not about business; it is about doing our part to help defend this priceless treasure", says Pierangelo Bressan, owner and president of Garmont, a company dedicated to developing product for the outdoor consumer that has decided to take to take an active role in protecting the wilderness that inspires the brand’s motto, #staywild.

#staywild is an invitation to get involved, to go beyond the daily routine, because "you don't have to be extraordinary, to do extraordinary things" - as Mr. Bressan says - "you just have to find within yourself the desire to take that first step that can make a difference".

​​​​​​​This message, as simple as it is powerful, echoes in one sentence the thought of the great musician Piero Farulli, whom the artistic director of the orchestra Fiorella Foti has chosen as a synthesis of the Group's activities: "Music is a resource that must be returned". And, in its sixteen years of activity, the orchestra has undertaken various activities focusing attention on society and its difficulties.

The first result of this new partnership is a series of concerts in the coming months, during which the "Save the Rhino" project will be presented to the public.
Santa Cecilia 2019 Concerts

 “GRUPPO d’ARCHI VENETO” symphony orchestra
Director : Maffeo Scarpis
Concept and artistic direction: Fiorella Foti

  •  Vittorio Veneto (TV), Da Ponte Theater – Sunday Nov. 3, h.18.00

Organised by:  Municipality of Vittorio Veneto, in collaboration with the Università per la Formazione Continua “Ippolito Pinto” and “Gruppo d’Archi Veneto”

  •  Conegliano Veneto (TV), SS. Martino e Rosa Church – Saturday Nov. 16, h.21.00

Organised by: “Gruppo d’Archi Veneto”, in collaboration with Insieme Vocale “Città di Conegliano”

  • Pieve di Soligo (TV), Careni Theater – Sunday Nov. 17, h.18.00

Organised by:  “Gruppo d’Archi Veneto”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pieve di Soligo

  • Main performance: Treviso, “Mario Del Monaco” Municipal Theater -  Wednesday Nov. 20, h.20.45

Organised by: “Gruppo d’Archi Veneto”, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Treviso and in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. Concert included in the official 2019-2020 CONCERT SEASON program of the Municipal Theatre of Treviso, as "Special Event".

  • Roncade (TV) H-FARM Internazional Campus, The Hall -  Friday Nov. 22, h.19.30

Organised by: “Gruppo d’Archi Veneto” in collaboration with Garmont International and H-Farm

  • S.Donà di Piave (VE), Astra Theater – Sunday Jan. 12 2020, h.18.00

Organised by: Municipaliy of S.Donà di Piave

Garmont - Garmont and Gruppo d'Archi Veneto: a whole different music
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