ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill.

It is exactly the same as virgin nylon and can be recycled infinitely without ever losing its quality. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a sustainable solution used in the development of some GARMONT products as it helps reduce the use of new resources and the corresponding environmental impact. Uppers made with ECONYL® yarn are also extremely breathable and help keep the foot cool and dry even during more intense activities.

The choice of ECONYL® actively contributes to the reduction of the global warming up to 87% compared to the use of the virgin nylon yarn. The use of ECONYL® also makes it possible to reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources by 44%.



Step 1: Waste

Step 2: Polymer

Step 3: Yarn


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