Garmont Traction Formula, our family of soles.

Safety, stability and design were the key criteria in the development of this family. We studied each sole to offer you the most suitable characteristics for the specific context of use.

We took inspiration from the best teacher: Mother Earth, from stones in particular.

Stones have different shapes, different degrees of resistance and different composition.

But one thing is certain: nothing is left to chance.

And so it is with our soles.



Endurance. Strength. Precision.



  • A sole that combines all the characteristics essential for approach but that delivers a high level of comfort even on long hikes
  • A high-performance, technical and grippy outsole
  • The wedge-shaped lugs are directionally placed to increase traction during the ascent as well as braking on descents
  • The special climbing zone in the toe area enhances control and stability
  • The bi-density EVA midsole delivers optimal cushioning, which helps propel your stride and reduce fatigue



Versatility. Energy. Stability.


  • Suitable to different types of terrain, this versatile sole is exceptionally lightweight and with excellent shock absorbing properties
  • The rubber outsole with an outstanding grip and a coarse finish ensures stability on slippery and wet ground
  • The thickness and distribution of the lugs have been studied to provide appropriate push off and traction on grass, gravel and dirt
  • The low-density EVA core provides cushioning and a high level of comfort.
  • A special shank in the arch area supports the foot in a balanced manner and reduces fatigue during long hikes
  • This sole is equipped with ACE technology (Advance Cushion Enhancer): a special high-density EVA insert in the heel area that prevents foot torsion and limits the possibility of injury