“Everything starts with a dream ”

Laurent Duchamp sulla vetta di un monte

My name is Laurent, I’m almost 47 years old. I was born at the foot of the Pyrenees in France, close to one of the most beautiful National Park: the Pyrenees National Parks. It extends for over than 100 kilometers from west to east following the Spanish border. With more than 350 kilometers of trails and footpaths and over 300 lakes, there’s plenty to do there! I have always lived in my hometown and I’m lucky because from there I have a view of the most beautiful summits.

My first experience with the mountains was at the age of 8. My parents took me for a hike towards one of the most beautiful lakes of my region. It was challenging but unconsciously they were passing on to me the love of these vast spaces and incredible landscapes.

After experiencing a long and all-around sporting career (basketball, tennis and cycling), my every free moment is now dedicated to the discovery of the Pyrenean treasures. Going in search of the beauty that nature offers us, testing the body, experiencing the solitude, being connected to everything around me, feeling small in the immensity, admiring the peaks that adorn our landscapes, that’s why the mountains are essential to me.

Thanks to all this, I got passionate about photography. I love capturing all these moments and sharing my adventures with my followers across all seasons.

Thanks to Instagram, Garmont approached me to be part of the ambassadors’ family. I feel privileged to walk my favorite trails with these shoes on.

After climbing the Vignemale and the Mont Perdu last year, I plan to climb the most famous Pyrenean summits. And surely in the future I want to realize the journey of my life in Nepal !

Like I use to say : « everything starts with a dream », and I am happy to pursue mine with Garmont at my feet!


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