Gli Stambec

The Stambec’s mountain must be lived, never challenged



I am Michele, founder of "Gli Stambec". I live in Pisogne, a small village on Lake Iseo.

For all of my 28 years I have lived surrounded by the Alps and pre-Alps of Bergamo and Brescia, but I only really started to discover them two and a half years ago when I went out for a walk and was "adopted" by a group of climbers who introduced me to the pleasure of living the mountains.

In fact, my activity as a hiker started over lunch and I haven’t stopped since.

I live the mountain in every season and at every altitude. The ridges are my passion.

I gave life to the group "Gli Stambec" not only to unite people who want to experience the mountains with other passionate people, but above all to give everyone the chance to see the mountains through my eyes: passion, admiration but above all respect.

The Stambec’s mountain must be lived, never challenged, for this reason promoting safety is one of the most important missions.

I support two associations: Associazioni disabili di Bergamo (ADB) and the Association ABIO (Associazione per il Bambino in ospedale) of Brescia. For this reason, for each peak I bring with me a lego in a wheelchair and a stuffed animal.