Soles by Michelin® develops customised soles leveraging its cross-functional expertise and works with major brands around the world.  Garmont® has partnered with Michelin® to develop several customised soles for our products that deliver high performance in all activities.


Michelin® Offroad

Traction. Lightness. Flexibility.


  • Specific compound for approach in toe area
  • Siped sculpture for adaptability and adherence
  • Tread distribution for lightness, flexibility and traction
  • Fiber Lite coring insert for lightness
  • Triangular sculptures on heel for braking



Michelin® Free Cross

Traction. Adaptability. Cushioning.

  • Base reinforcement for added stability and longer durability
  • Siped shoulder sculptures for slope crossing
  • Siped (small cuts) sculptures for adherence and adaptability on different terrains
  • Aggressive sculptures for traction
  • Grooves structure for multidirectional flexibility
  • Specific anti-torsion design and support
  • Strong sculptures on the heel area for braking
  • ERP technical solution to increase protection and adhesion


Michelin® Cross Terrain

Adaptability. Stability. Traction.

  • Tread design on climbing zone for better adherence and traction
  • Small polyhedral sculptures increase lateral adherence, traction and contact surfaces
  • Grooves to increase flexibility and adaptability
  • Dynamic tread design follows the stride movement
  • Sculpture on arch area for increased traction and stability on obstacles
  • Radius at the base of sculptures to increase self-cleaning