Global Conservation Corps (GCC)



The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) is a non-profit organisation operating in South Africa with the aim of engaging and educating local communities on the respect and importance of conserving wildlife.  

GCC has committed itself to investing in both people and wildlife to tackle the poaching crisis. 

Its mission is to empower the rangers, conservationists and communities to defend and benefit from their natural heritage.  GCC works with communities neighbouring nature reserves and parks to take ownership of the nature around them. 

“If people are educated and exposed to wildlife, they’ll protect it”: this is the vision Matt Lindenberg had in mind when he founded GCC, and that inspired Garmont to get involved.

We share GCC’s vision in believing that the real difference is in empowering people through education, development and training.  If people are educated and put in touch with wildlife, they will be more willing to protect it.


Discover more: https://globalconservationcorps.org/

Organisation: GCC

Country: South Africa

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