European Association of the Via Francigena Ways


GARMONT and EAVF share a passion for walking and the desire to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.  

Pilgrimage has always been about rediscovering what is essential. You focus on the necessities and expect the most from each accessory. One fundamental accessory is most certainly what footwear to use, be it hiking shoes or boots.  

Each walk is different, each pilgrim has his or her own needs, but all need maximum dependability and durability from their gear to face the long path of the Via Francigena. This ancient road has led pilgrims to Rome for thousands of years along the historic route traced by the Archbishop Sigeric, who left Canterbury and arrived at the Eternal City of Rome on foot.  

Today the official route measures over 3,200 km and crosses England, France, Switzerland and Italy.  

These shared values form the foundation of the agreement with Garmont as official technical sponsor of the AEVF.  



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Association: European Association of the Via Francigena Ways

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