Riccardo Quaranta

This is what I live for:  whether for pleasure or for work, the outdoors is my home.



My name is Riccardo Quaranta, I am a mountain guide and biologist from Campobasso, the first and currently only mountain guide in Molise

I have been climbing for 20 years, a passion which led me to my profession.

This is what I live for:  whether for pleasure or for work, the outdoors is my home.

I have opened about 800 rock, ice and mixed routes in central-southern Italy, to enhance these spectacular territories. The same ones where I love to offer my clients unique experiences!Alongside the super-classic routes in the Alps, my work is concentrated in central-southern Italy and the islands. Climbing, via ferrata, challenging treks, mountaineering and ski-mountaineering are the activities that I offer weekly.

Whether it's mountaineering on the Gran Sasso, a week of climbing in Sardinia or a mixed route in Matese, I am always happy to share what is above all a passion for me:  the outdoors!


Riccardo Quaranta



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