Eleonora Solero

Eleonora Solero

I like to call myself the new "Heidi"!

My name is Eleonora Solero and I am a Mid-mountain Guide registered with the Veneto Order of Mountain Guides, as well as International Mountain Leader.

I was born and grew up in a small mountain village and woods and crags have always been my home; for this reason I like to call myself the new "Heidi"!

Growing up, the desire to experience the outdoor environment and sports has always been very strong, from skiing to ice skating, mountain biking, running and hiking in the woods.

I initially relied on people who were older and more competent then me, then I slowly began to plan my own small tours sharing these magical moments with friends.As time went by, I explored territories further and further away from home, driven also by the desire to travel, to discover new places and new cultures. This brought me all the way to Asia where I trekked in India and in Nepal.

I have recently taken up climbing and ski mountaineering to get even closer to my favourite environment.

Finally, after a long training process, my passions turned into a profession as a mid-mountain guide, that is a hiking guide. This profession is very satisfying because, in my opinion, there is nothing better than seeing the smiling faces and sharing the joy of the persons I accompany on new adventures.

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