Cristian Candiotto

Cristian Candiotto

My name is Candiotto Cristian but everyone calls me Cinghio.

I live in a small village in a valley lateral to the more well-known Valtellina. The Val Gerola, the village of Gerola Alta have become my home, my haven and also one of my favourite playgrounds.

I am a Mountain Guide, a Lombardo CNSAS instructor and MTB Guide... I practically spend my life constantly outside... outdoors, from the mountain peaks to the immaculate slopes to be skied, from the rocky walls to the ice falls.

My activity ranges from accompanying clients who then become friends, to solo climbs that invariably feed my free spirit, to opening new lines where I can have fun and appreciate the surrounding area.

I'm not originally from Valtellina, I was born in Legnano Milano with Veneto origins,.... and proud to be so. I got to know the mountains as a child, with my first hikes I learned to appreciate, respect and love the mountains under every aspect.

Over the past years, my activity has allowed me to create new climbing crags, rock, ice and mixed routes. Last year Gerola hosted the first big climbing gathering in Val Gerola...Gerolasass.  After a great amount of discovery, cleaning and bolting on my part together with a close-knit group of friends and colleagues, Gerola Alta discovered climbing.

This is my world, my way of being a guide, exploring, discovering, transmitting emotions and getting into contact with people who have found or are discovering a passion for the mountains.

Garmont - Cristian Candiotto
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