Any mountaineer is constantly striving to find new challenges and set higher goals. The Team Alpin of the Naturfreunde Kärnten (Friends of Nature, Carinthia) is no exception.
Having grown up in the mountains of Carinthia, the young team have always had a special fascination with the mighty 4000 meter peaks of the Swiss Alps, and before long, a plan to traverse the Swiss Alps while climbing some of the most well-known summits along the way was hatched.

The sudden emergence of the novel Covid-19 virus caused any outdoor activities to come to a stop, which proved difficult for all members of the team. Being outdoors, being connected to nature, as well as the excitement and adventure of mountaineering had become a huge part of all of their lives. 
The pandemic almost derailed the team’s Switzerland plans. But after revising the original plan, the alpinists received permission to travel to Switzerland in pursuit of their goals. Starting out from the mountaineer’s village Randa, Team Alpin climbed the unbelievable number of eight 4.000 meter peaks, topped off by their final ascent of Switzerlands’ highest summit, the Dofourspitze(4634m) on the last day.
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About Team Alpin:
Team Alpin is a project of Friends of Nature Carinthia. Their mission: team work, coordination, experience and safety in mountaineering in order to be able to accomplish higher, more challenging climbs.  Founded in 2017, Team Alpin have undertaken many mountaineering and ski mountaineering tours and are looking forward to many more future ones as exciting as this year’s Swiss adventure.
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